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Bargain Mary Jane shoes for Raccoon and Iplehouse KID

A while ago I came accross a bargain deal on ebay, 7 pairs of 1/6 scale Mary Jane shoes for just 18$. I wanted some more shoes for my Iplehouse KIDs, and even if the colors were not quite what I had in mind, I bought them.

The seller was one of those Chinese shops that sell almost everything, household goods, toys and the occasional BJD item. Usually cheap and not the best quality. I would have linked the item, but apparently this specific 7 pairs deal is no longer on offer. But I have seen the same shoes in lots of 4 pairs as well. If you search for ‘PU Leather Strap Buckle Shoes Boots for 1/6 Dollfie’ you’ll find a seller on Amazon called Jili Online offering them as single pairs. They look very much like the same shoes. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a similar bargain deal on ebay.

I received them today, and even if the soles of some of the shoes were already coming off and the golden and silver shoes have lost half of the glittery stuff they’re covered in, I was pleased to find that they fit the Raccoon girls. I warmed them up, but even without they go on without force.

I have some of these Mary Jane shoes in brown, black, light blue and white, and they are a perfect fit for the KIDs. They are much better quality and were more expensive, but they don’t fit the Raccoon girls. I think you can go by color, these shoes come in different prices and qualities, and the lot in the color combination shown in the picture below are the cheap ones that fit Raccoons in 1/6 size.


BJD shoes review – ResinRapture


BJD shoes review – ResinRapture

5 thoughts on “Bargain Mary Jane shoes for Raccoon and Iplehouse KID”

  1. The shoes are adorable. Although I no longer have Iplehouse KIDs, I do have some French BJDs on order who might fit into some of these shoes. Sounds like quality is really iffy. What if you order a bunch and they're all poorly made? Still, you can't beat the price. It may be worth making minor repairs.

  2. In this case I think the thinner material is actually the reason they do fit, while the better shoes don't. And since 18$ is usually what one would pay for just one pair I am certainly not going to lose sleep over soles that are easily glued back on :). Just too bad I couldn't provide a link.

  3. Well they may have been a lower quality, but they look great on your girls and the colours are not too bad, especially for spring and summer when fashions are generally a little more colourful and bright. Super price and as you say a little glue will fix any imperfections…well done Mia for spotting the bargain!
    Big hugs,

  4. They may be a lower quality, but I agree in that they look great!! And such an awesome deal, honestly!! Congrats on that, doll shoes are so cute, honestly!

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