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Icky sticky hot

It’s just too hot and humid to work on my two new girls. I blushed their hands and I’ve been making some clothes, but their faces have to wait.

And while I was going through all the pictures I found this, and I think it’s just perfect for the weather. You might have seen it before, but I think it’s been a while.

Raccoondoll Emma – Ludivine Etienne


I really hope it’s getting a bit cooler soon. At least it’s raining almost every night, which adds to the overall humidity. And every time it cools down a bit it’s just as hot as before as soon as the sun comes out again. My arms are actually sticking to my desk while I am writing this.

2 thoughts on “Icky sticky hot”

  1. I know exactly what you mean as it’s the same here. My wrists get really uncomfortable as they stick to my laptop as I try to type, it’s n ot very nice. I do love the summer and the warm weather but I do not like the humidity. It’s a bit cooler here this evening and I start to panic thinking “oh no the summer is coming to an end!” But I know the heat during the day will be around for some time yet, so that’s good.
    I like your summery photo above, it is very nice.

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