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Ludivine and Roux- Sewing for Raccoon and FID

As promised, some clothes I made for Ludivine. Roux already has a lot of clothes, but she got a little something, too.



4 thoughts on “Ludivine and Roux- Sewing for Raccoon and FID”

  1. Wow! What a lot of great stuff! I absolutely LOVE the brown lace top. I'm also a fan of the long light brown tunic, and how it's almost a dress but not quite. And when everything can be mixed and matched, it gives your girls twice as many outfits.

  2. Thank you :). It's so much fun sewing for her. Thanks to her size a bit of lace trim is almost a dress :), so that was easy. She can wear all the girly colors and stuff and still doesn't look too sweet, I think. Just natural and fresh with a touch of girl, don't you think? The greenblue blazer was for Queenie, but Ludivine claimed it :).

  3. I adore the clothes you made -it is an awesome collection!! I'm particularly fond of the green shirt/jacket you did. It is perfect!!

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