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A new cardigan for Ludivine

Just a little cardigan I finished recently. It’s multicolored yarn and that makes the cardigan look quite extravagant. Ludivine loves it.


8 thoughts on “A new cardigan for Ludivine”

  1. I love it, too! My multicolor yarn never lines up in near-perfect color blocks like that. And the buttons! Whenever I find tiny buttons, they're either black or white, never colors. Great job!

  2. Thank you :). It was sock yarn I bought because I couldn't resist the colors. The buttons were in a bag of mixed buttons, I can send you a link to the offer on ebay if you like.

  3. Very pretty Mia. Sock yarns make beautiful multi colour knits and are not too thick, which is great for small dolls.
    Big hugs,

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