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Spoilt for choice

I have made lots of bags… and there will probably be even more.

But like with all props, there’s the question how to store them. I know that if I put them in a box I will probably forget what I have and never use them. So I made a bag-rack. Or a purse-tree.

It’s just a round dowel with a couple of drilled holes and some wooden skewers. If I really make a bag for every girl (and guy), I will probably just hang them on their doll stands and use the rack for scarfs. But for now I just like to look at this bag-rack and my girls are absolutely spoilt for choice.


Props for BJD – Bag rack



Ludivine already has a favorite, but since Dandelion snatched the bag that was intended for Karla, Karla has to pick a new one. I hope you don’t get bored with all the baggy posts :D.


8 thoughts on “Spoilt for choice”

  1. who could get bored looking at all of those wonderful bags! Clever solution to the storage issue

  2. I love this! It’s handy, ànd decorative! I like the expression “purse-tree”. 🙂 Great job done, and your dolls are so lucky!

  3. I like! You have such great ideas Mia, it’s a perfect way to display all the lovely bags you have made and “purse tree” is the perfect name for it. (Now you just have to find the perfect space for it to sit. LOL!)
    Big hugs,

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