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Summer dresses and more fabric

You might recognize the fabric I used for Ludivine’s jersey tunic and the flower poplin Seraphine wears. The fabric was part of the birthday haul. 

Seeing all the fabric the large girls complained bitterly. It’s true, since the fashion-doll sized girls are in the house I haven’t made anything new for the large dolls. Time to change that. Since I have more than enough for all I picked the grey flowery fabric to sew a very chaste summer dress for Seraphine. The muslin in the fabric picture will make for some nice tunics for the big girls.

Iplehouse Audrey – Seraphine Luna Morrigan
Iplehouse Audrey – Seraphine Luna Morrigan

Below is the second of three birthday-haul fabric parcels, one is still on the way. I accidentally ordered the grey flower fabric a second time – it was on my wish list and I forgot to delete it before putting everything on it in my cart. I am still waiting for one last parcel, but it’s still on the way. It’s from a shop in the UK and it will take a while, I guess.

If the quality of the fabric is as I hope it will be, I can finish writing my next blog post about my experiences with fabric online shopping for dolls and my favorite sources. No lace, no lace, I beg you. Rest assured, Mr Bennet, no lace, but it will be a rather long text, so enjoy all the pictures in this one.


Lovely new fabrics from Herberttextil


And I finished the jacket for the red party dress. Ludivine is wearing it with the jacket or a red lace shirt. Since Roux claimed the crochet dress the dear Balljointedwoman made for my birthday, Ludivine snatched the fringed top.

This beautifully crocheted dress was made by Balljointedwoman


As was this top. Thanks again, the girls love them!


3 thoughts on “Summer dresses and more fabric”

  1. You've chosen some lovely fabrics! I look forward to reading about your favorite online fabric sources. My very favorite fabric is the gray flowery in your first two photos. Your girls look good in their crochet dress and top but what I really love is that raspberry party dress and the different ways you've accessorized it. The tunic top is cute, too. Is that scarf in the last two photos the same one you paired with the crochet dress? It works very well with both. Two thumbs up!

  2. Thank you :). Too bad the shipping costs are so high, so my favorite shop wouldn't be of much use to you. The grey fabric is also available in other colors, and I ordered them all- except for black. The scarf is the same. It's actually just a piece of gauze bandage. I found an ancient first aid kit at my mom's, must have been from the fifties.

  3. Belated happy birthday and congrats on that fabric haul!! You always have such a good taste on fabrics, and the dress looks perfect <3 But the red dress and the pink/beige outfit are my favorite. I lvoe that kind of style!

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