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Loads of coats

This post will be my Christmas gift to my followers. Maybe you can even find the time to use the pattern and make a Christmas coat for one of your dolls. If you use fleece or some other fabric that doesn’t fray it should be a quick job.

Please excuse the crappy pictures. The light has been bad for days.

The first version is the KID size version. It’s the size of the original pattern. But you can scale the pattern to 125% and use it for JID girls and Raccoon dolls. You might need to use the red lines for longer sleeves and more chest circumference. Scaled to 130% you can use it for FID girls.

Add sewing allowance, it’s not included.
 I am not going to provide a tutorial for every step, just some general tips how to go about it.
  1. Cut two pieces each except for the back.
  2. If you want to use fabric that frays, run zig-zag stitch along all pieces.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to sew the button facing, about 5mm at the top and the full length of the panel at the bottom. Turn over (as shown in the second picture below) and attach the front piece’s shoulder parts to the back. Sew sides and sleeves. Attach sleeves. The front-panel seam at the bottom creates the fold you can use for the bottom hem. I used a top stitch to make it look neat.

The last part is the collar. Sew the outer curve and the sides first, fold insides out. You might want to make sure the edges look right as long as they are still accessible from the inside. Pin the inside of the collar to the back of your garment. Sew along the line at the inside and make sure the ends meet the end of your little button facing seam. I added a top stitch after folding the collar up. Turn the garment to sew the collar to the inside. I used a tiny fold at the inner collar curve to cover the seam lines and used an invisible stitch to attach the collar at the inner side.

Have fun!

6 thoughts on “Loads of coats”

  1. Great little coat! I imagine all my girls will want one…as soon as I finish the gazillion crochet and wig projects I have lined up. Is Raccoon Emma's coat made of fleece? It looks so soft and I love how it drapes. I want one for me. 🙂

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