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Hats, tunics and letters

Do you enjoy being back to “normal” time after daylight saving time ended? I get used to it soon enough, but for about a week I feel like having so much more time on my hands…

Which I used to take some random pictures of my girls :).

Dandelion, Bell and Ludivine browsed through the box with woolen stuff. Hats are always a good choice, and Bell found a jacket that is slightly too large for her.



Judith received a letter from a friend who still lives in the colony, and she and Melisande both love muslin tunics.


6 thoughts on “Hats, tunics and letters”

  1. Wonderful photo shoot Mia! Daylight savings or not never seems to make any difference to me, I never have enough hours in the day. LOL!
    Big hugs,

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