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Wild wigs and flowery shirts

I recently found this light blond wig in the wig box. It’s one of the last Monique wigs I found before the company closed. Judith’s hairstyle is still something I am not entirely happy with, so I tried this on her. She looks great in it, doesn’t she? Too bad the cut is incredibly hard to style, and I am not a fan of covered eyes. But at least I want to show you how much it changes her.


I made this flowery red ensemble for her, and I love the result.


Ludivine has a new shirt as well, she can wear this sort of cute hearts and flowers fabric.

I bouth this for the Monst girls, but it looks nice on Ludive, don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “Wild wigs and flowery shirts”

  1. Judith looks really awesome with this wig. Love the shirts too! Your girls get spoiled with lovely garments!

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