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FID male muscle versa model body and Raccoon mugshots

I just picked up Leonard on the model body. The body is supposed to be Claude’s new body, and Leonard will get the muscle body. (Here is Claude on the muscle body)

The first thing I checked was if the feet are really smaller. But apparently they are not, at least there are no visible differences in length. But the body itself is quite different- very slender and almost a bit boyish compared to the muscle body. But I guess I just have to get used to it. Claude’s head looks much more in proportion on it, now I just have to make new clothes.

The model body has longer legs, a lot less shoulder width and slimmer legs and arms. The legs of JID boy pants are too short of course, but the width fits. The pants I made for the muscle body are definitely too wide and short.

Posing seems to be the same, the model body is a bit floppier, but I will suede both. And they both pose so well compared to the big guys!

FID muscle and FID model body


And some mugshots of my Raccoon girls. I am very happy with them. I knew I would like them, the sculpts are even more detailed than expected. Pictures with wigs and FU don’t really show the amount of bone structure, the cheek bones. Unfortunately it’s still a bit dark, so these don’t show all either, but the give at least an idea. I didn’t fasten the heads.

Another great thing about the Raccoon girls is that the hooks are wide enough that you can put the head on the neck without fastening it, and the hooks don’t slip up the arms if you unhook the hands. And while BJD doll profiles usually look a bit odd, their profile view is just as realistic as the front view.

2 thoughts on “FID male muscle versa model body and Raccoon mugshots”

  1. Congrats on all the arrivals! I'm actually surprised by the bodies -the muscle body appears to have a very, very thick neck, isn't it? The head would probably look pin-headed there, unless clothed.

    And the mugshots for the girls are really helpful. I agree with you -they have a lot more detail than what can be seen with wigs and faceups!

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