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Merry Christmas

Somehow it’s really hard this year getting into some kind of Christmas spirit. I didn’t bake any of our traditional family Christmas cookies, there has been very little decoration in the windows and shops. It has been raining for days, and nobody seems to be in a particularly festive mood.

So what can a girl do to get into the holiday spirit that would make Christmas something more than just a couple of days off with shitty weather and holiday blues?
Taking some Christmas-themed dolly pictures sounds like a good start.

I made a backdrop that looks rather festive with some added baubles I found in my box with decoration. It’s basically just real maple leaves and a glittery mesh I tore into stripes glued on some crumpled frost cover sheets for plants, but I like the subdued and warm colors. If I can’t have snow, I’ll go for the snug look with candles and the scent of punch and gingerbread.

The light was rather underwhelming and I just had time to take pictures of Ludivine before it got too dark. And since I couldn’t decide which one to pick I am going to bore you with all of them. But they helped me to get into a bit of holiday spirit. And if it was just for the benefit of spending time with the dolls again.

Now there’s glitter all over the place, and I am afraid you will have to imagine the scent. Might I suggest Anuna or Loreena McKennitt as the soundtrack to go with it?

~**~ Merry Christmas to all of you!~**~

Wether you are on your own, with friends or with your (doll-) family, have a lovely time…


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Great photos and, as I already mentioned on Den of Angels, I love that piece of lace Ludivine is wearing. Grungy weather and bad light notwithstanding, you managed to be very creative with your backdrop. Something abstract always works because it doesn't detract from the doll. I'm especially partial to the maple leaf.

  2. Thank you :). Such a pity that the leaves didn't keep their original brilliant red color. I sprayed them with hairspray but they still faded quite a bit.

  3. Belated merry Xmas!! I hope you had a great time, and I wish you the best for the upcoming year!
    Gorgeous photos and outfits, as always!

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