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FID curvy body leggings and top pattern

This is a very basic pattern for a top and leggings for the FID curvy body with medium bust. I suspect it might work for Raccoon glamorous bodies as well, but since I don’t own one I can’t test it. I hope my friend balljointedwoman will find the time to test the pattern with her glamorous girl and share the results on her blog.


You can use the leggings pattern without additional seam allowance for stretchy fabric like jersey. I included approximately 3-4 mm allowance. The waist has just a zig-zag hem and is about 5 mm. I just folded it back and stitched it down while stretching the fabric to make sure the waist is still elastic. It’s just one leg, just turn it to trace and cut the other one.

Sewing for BJD – ResinRapture patterns and tutorials

The top pattern can be used in single pieces or as one, but for non-stretchy fabric I wouldn’t recommend using just one piece. The tunic version is based on a front part sewn to the side parts and back parts.

Sewing for BJD – ResinRapture patterns and tutorials


I used a single front piece with cut out darts and separate back parts for the dress. Both versions have additional waistbands, sleeves and skirts.

Sewing for BJD – ResinRapture patterns and tutorials

If you want to use jersey or other stretchy fabric just add seam allowance at the bottom to allow more room for a seam to a waistband or skirt. For non stretchy fabric add seam allowance to every seam.

5 thoughts on “FID curvy body leggings and top pattern”

  1. The leggings look good–you always seem to find really cute stretch fabrics. I haven't tried the pattern yet, as it arrived while I was engulfed in crochet projects. Love the tunic, too. I take it the dress is from the same pattern but with the sleeves shortened. Very versatile. I'm going to save those printing directions. Scaling usually defeats me but this looks like something even I could master. Thanks!

  2. Thank you! Most of my jersey is plain, but I couldn't resist this one. I didn't include the sleeves in the pattern, I just used the arm hole to trace the curvy part of the sleeve and went from there. I changed the leggings slightly, I will send you the same I posted here as pdf again. I scale jpgs with scaling help like that all the time, once you figured it out it's a matter of seconds.

  3. The leggings look great! I would love to try the pattern, but I don't know if it will fit on JIDs? Maybe it will be too long, as per your previous comparison. But thank you so much for sharing it!

  4. Thank you. Too long and too wide in the hips I think. But I am absolutely sure you can make leggings without the help of my patterns 😉

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