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Padding the jewels

I am going to resist the opportunity for puns…

While many appreciate the realistic details of Iplehouse male private parts I would prefer them to be less prominent.

They tend to cause unattractive wonky bulges in pants, that’s why I use to pad their crown jewels. Somehow it’s even more annoying with the FID guys, maybe because they are the better posers and the issue is more visible with posing.

The easiest way to pad them would be a piece of felt or other soft material and some tape. It works fine if you just want the doll in a stand to look nice, but if you want to pose the doll the thin strip of tape between the legs comes off rather quickly. After a padded thong proved to be impractical (it slides off to the sides) my guys wear trunks now.
They are very easy to make and keep the pad in place. And depending on the fabric you pick they work as swim-trunks as well.

That’s why I share a pattern for padded trunks today. All you need is an old jersey shirt and a bit of fleece or felt for the pad.

Place the pattern in Word or something similar and scale proportionally to 15cm width. Only add seam allowance at the waist and legs, following the dotted lines. The dotted line for the pad is just a placement help.
For all other seams there’s about 4-5mm seam allowance included.

Cut two pieces and sew the front seam first. Pin the pad to the seam and turn the trunks to sew from the front. If you place your stitches in the seam its invisible from the front. Zig-zag the waist and legs (not too tight). Sew the legs together followed by the back seam. Finish by folding the zig-zagged waist and legs back and stitch them down. Make sure you stretch the fabric a bit while sewing to keep them stretchy.

All done. The trunks make for a very natural looking crotch.


6 thoughts on “Padding the jewels”

  1. Nice looking trunks. I have some pants sold by Iplehouse and Raccoon that are too tight to accommodate anything underneath, but the trunks should work well with pants you make yourself. Too bad FID men don't come with removable bits, like the DollShe Fashion guys do. Instead they have interchangeable parts. There's a gently rounded piece of resin to give a smooth look under pants, and there's a separate, anatomically correct part. I've never been able to remove my Saint's resin piece to put in his more realistic bit. It appears to be separately strung. Now, about that first pic. Dare I say it? The white pad immediately reminded me of a sanitary napkin. LOL

  2. Thank you. I have seen the DollShe pants version and thought that would be a nice solution. I have a Popodoll body with a part that is just plugged into a hole, but it falls out if it's moved. Haha… now that you say that I can't unsee the sanitary napkin…

  3. Unoa boys used to come with two interchangeable anatomical parts: one small and one large. (I don't know if they still do–I haven't seen a new one in years.) They're peg-and-hole construction. The problem with that is when they come loose. Owners have been known to lose those parts when they fall out. Imagine a woman at a doll meet-up asking everyone in turn, "Have you seen my p****?" Oops!

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