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Bag this! Part one

Are bags an absolutely necessary item in a girl’s life? A lot of people think so, and my girls would certainly agree.

It just didn’t occur to me to make a bag for every girl since I hardly ever use the one hand bag I own. I have made three for the smaller dolls and one for the large dolls, but that’s it. But they do make nice accessories in pictures, and my girls just don’t want to fight over the few bags available.

So I decided to make lots of bags for them and share the patterns with you. I am not going to give detailed instructions, just ideas and inspiration – I hope.



Of course you can make the tote and the hobo bag without the tiny darts and just use the basic pattern outline, but I prefer the more voluminous look the darts at the bottom create. If you want to make a larger bag for 1/4 dolls, use the blue pattern (120%) lines. As for the the length of the handles: I am sure you can adjust them according to your wishes without a pattern. I like to measure the handle length when the bag is ready to hold it next to the doll. It’s the easiest way to see at what height it looks best.


Lots of doll bags


The sample pictures below show how the pattern looks with different doll sizes. If it’s made with 100% or 120% (blue) print-out of the pattern is mentioned below the picture. The tote and the hobo bag look better and more in proportion if you use the larger blue pattern version for mature 1/4 dolls like the FID and Raccoon. The smaller version looks more like a handbag as you can see.

I will split this post into two parts – the fiddlier ones will be in the second post. Still working on the bags. ;). The saddle bag and the messenger bag will be published in part two. They work in both sizes for the larger dolls.

Simple tote bag

Let’s start with a super simple one, the tote bag. You can make it with a lining or without. The lining is just the same basic bag in a different fabric. If you connect the outer bag and the lining make sure you leave an opening big enough to pull it inside out again. Of course you can just fold back the respective top edges and add a top stitch to connect lining and outer bag. It helps if you press your seams before you connect the parts.

Letter / DIN A4 PDF (use the blue lines for 1/4 dolls if you want the larger version).
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Print PDF in Letter formatPrint pattern in A4 format





Lined hobo or reversible shopping bag

You can use this pattern to either make a reversible bag or a hobo bag with or without lining.

I would like to point you to this video for the “how-to”. It shows how to make a simple reversible shopping bag. Dana offers a free bag pattern in human size as well, if you want to make this in human size. And if you are into DIY, her channel offers a lot of tutorials for human size sewing.

I went for the lined hobo bag, not only because it’s really fiddly to pull the bag inside out in this tiny scale, but because the straps are rather bulky if they are lined as well. That’s why I cut the lining without straps and left one of the sides open to pull it inside out. I closed the gap using an invisible stitch and a rolled hem on the strap edges.


Hobo bag lining


Use 120% (blue) size for 1/4 dolls. Don’t forget to subscribe to ResinRapture 🙂

Letter / DIN A4 PDF

Print PDF in Letter formatPrint pattern in A4 format




I am sure you find a lot of ways to create your own individual style with the basic pattern. These are all done by hand and just take about 30 minutes. I hope you have fun with the patterns and your dolls will have something to look forward to.

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Something unrelated

Since I have started to write this and make the bags we had a bit of a humidity situation over here, maybe you have seen it in the news. I was lucky enough to get away with a bit of water in the basement. I really hope all of you are well and dry.


8 thoughts on “Bag this! Part one”

  1. Lovely bags! I often use my pockets myself to put things in, and only occasionally a handbag, but my dolls love handbags. ;D It does look cool in pictures, it adds to the realism. Thank you for sharing your patterns, I gladly will make use of them, for Holly and my other girls. 🙂

    1. Me too. My keys are chained to my pants, and if I want to go shopping I take my backpack. No need for a handbag. They are a fun and quick to make prop, and a good way to make use of left overs. Have fun!

  2. Such super cute bags! I don’t use them myself but I know my dolls will love them. Glad you only got a bit of water in the basement. Please send us some of your water – Western Canada is in a horrible drought and everything is on fire here! The weather has been terrible this summer…

    1. Thank you! We are apparently all happy without bags for ourselves. I would if I could. The weather and the plague… This is not the happiest year. I hope it will get better soon.

  3. The bags look really suitable and easy to make Mia, thank you. I agree with Linda that adding a bag or other accessory makes doll photos come to life. I love bags (and shoes) myself and use them when I go out. Usually totes for shoppping and handbags or cross body bags for other times.
    Big hugs,

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