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Easy ways to follow this blog

Those who already follow this blog can safely ignore this post.

But I thought it might be helpful for those who have been following my old blog with their own blogger accounts and just want to continue to do it the way they were used to. Some things are a bit different because this is no longer a google Blogspot blog, but I hope this explanation helps to make the change as smooth as possible. 

Follow with the blogger (google Blogspot) reader

For those who used to follow my old blog on blogger with their blogger profiles and want to use their blogger reading list to follow updates:

Open your reading list and click on the pencil icon next to “blogs I follow”. Click New and add the blog address “” to your reading list. As a result you will see new posts from this blog in your reading list just like you did with the old blog. Just in case you already see new posts without doing anything: That’s the blog-redirection at work. You still might want to change the old URL to the new one in your Reader blog management.

If you prefer to get notifications of new posts by email instead, enter your email address in the subscribe form. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription. Just confirm the subscription. It is not necessary to create an account with WordPress if you just want to receive email notifications. Unfortunately I have no influence over the additional options the service offers, like the option to create WordPress accounts. If you use an email app like Outlook that allows to add RSS feeds, you can just add the RSS Feed address “””.

If you created a WordPress account “by accident” because the subscription form offered that as a convenient way to follow blogs, you can terminate the account again if you don’t want it. You can do so by going to Settings in your WordPress profile, scroll down to “close your account permanently” and close the account. That will also delete your subscription(s), so you might need to subscribe again (without creating an account in the process).


If you want to comment with your blogspot-blogger name you used to comment before: Use your google mail in the comment form (or pick your social media login of choice), enter your blogger name (or the name you want to use to comment) once and activate the checkbox “remember me”. Your browser will remember what you entered, so you don’t need to fill out the form every time. Unfortunately you can’t just comment with your blogger profile, that is a blogger-internal way to comment. If you are not already following, you can use the options in the comment form to follow posts/comments by email as well. 


Follow with a WordPress account

If you already have a WordPress account you can just add this blog in your Reader as a blog you follow or click on the WordPress follow button.


You can log into the comment form using your WordPress account.

If you want to follow with a feed reader

If you are using a feed reader you can add “” to your feed reader. Some email apps like Outlook offer to add RSS Feed subscriptions. You can add the feed address to your RSS subscriptions.


Comments in general

You need a valid email address or one of the social media accounts you can see once you click in the comment box to comment on this blog. Email addresses are never displayed publicly. Your comment will appear after approval.

Post likes

Post likes are a WordPress internal thing, You need a WordPress account to “Like” posts.

Banner links to ResinRapture

If you want to link to ResinRapture using a banner, one of these might help.


6 thoughts on “Easy ways to follow this blog”

  1. Well I’m still here and still seeing this blog post and I haven’t done anything……so I hope that continues!
    If I don’t comment for a while, you’ll know I’ve lost you somehow 😀 😀 😀 But hopefully that won’t happen 🙂

    1. Thank you! All is well! And I guess you still see new posts because I redirected the blogger blog. It seems to work in every respect. Thanks for your comment, I will add the info to this post.

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