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Bag this! Part two

It’s been a couple of days since I posted part one, and maybe some of you tried the hobo or the tote bag. Now that your dolls have shopping bags, how about something that looks a bit more like a handbag? A saddle bag or a messenger bag perhaps?


ResinRapture doll bag patterns


Saddle bag or easy felt handbag

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Letter / DIN A4 PDF

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This is the basic pattern for a handbag in saddle bag style. If you use felt for this bag it’s really easy to make, but you need a bit of hand sewing. Lots of room for individual decoration, e.g. embroidery or embellishments.

The felt bag is cut without allowance. The pieces are sewn together with a simple blanket stitch. But I wrapped my thread around some green wool to create a more interesting edging, added some more threads and braided the shoulder strap. The tiny button hole slit is just a cut, and a bead works just as well as the buttons I used.  The light blue bag is basicallly the same without any additional decoration.

The brown suede bag was a bit more complicated. It’s cut with allowance, and the seams are on the inside, but I added a top stitch. I also added a darker panel to the lid. It closes with a press button, the silver circle is just decoration.

Dandelion’s fringed leather bag is the large version of the saddlebag, but I used the front piece twice because I didn’t want a lid. The light grey / flowery reversible bag shows the triangular lid version. I attached rings on both sides of the front panel, so the same cord with the tassels can be tied to them to close the bag.




Messenger bag

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Letter / DIN A4 PDF

Print PDF in Letter formatPrint pattern in A4 format



This bag comes in variations as well. Walden’s felt bag is made without allowance and the pieces are connected with a blanket stitch. I added a front pocket. Judith likes her bag lined and in green and brown, and hers has a little pocket as well.

Karla’s comes with embroidery and tassels. I used the smaller pattern but added a lot of allowance, so it’s a bit larger.

The old rose bag with the suede base and straps is lined, and I cut the outside in two pieces. I measured the leather part and the fabric part and stitched them together first, so the form of the outer bag piece looked like the pattern piece again. Since I didn’t have such small buckles, I used a bit of wire. Wrap your wire around something like a knitting needle or pen twice, bend the rings in opposite directions and use a pair of pliers to create a straight part in the middle. It’s fiddly, but an easy way to create fake buckles you can actually use to close something.



I hope you have fun with the patterns and find lots of ways to create your own individual bags. I certainly had fun and went into a little bag making frenzy as you can see. My girls appreciate it :D.

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6 thoughts on “Bag this! Part two”

  1. They all look great Mia, I really like the green beaded one it’s very pretty. I have same faux suede which Iwould be grear to use for bags, I can see it with fringing and beads similar to the one you made for Dandelion. If you let me know your email, I can arrange to send you some. (Use the comment form in my side bar on my blog.)
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you so much for offering! I am sure your dolls would appreciate it if you used your faux suede to make bags for them :). I have more than enough, it’s not an easy material to work with, at least not with the machine.

  2. My dolls over here really want me to make some of the bags, of course I can’t refuse since they are the boss lol! Great designs, like the previous ones!

    1. Haha, I guess you have to give in then, right? But I’d love to see what you make. They are kind of addictive :). And if you do find a scaling factor that looks nice with 18inch dolls, let me know, please.

  3. I love your bags. My favourites are Bianca’s bag with fringes and the floral one with fake buckles. Wow, I love the details. 🙂

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