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Free Paola Reina MiniAmiga pattern

Since my repainted little MiniAmiga needed some new clothes, I made some basics for her and decided to share the pattern. This will be my early Christmas present for my followers – and maybe some of you are glad to have something to do in times of plague. And for those who find this post via google search for patterns: I hope you enjoy making clothes for your little ones, and I would very much appreciate it if you subscribe to the blog or leave a comment.

The pattern is a set of basics WITHOUT seam allowance. It includes:

  1. A dress top (1) and sleeves. The sleeves are drawn to fit into the one-piece top. I used this pattern for the white dress and used the square for the ruffled skirt. You might have to adjust the sleeves a bit to fit the three-piece top pattern (blue shirt) with seam allowance at the shoulder part. You will have to add more allowance according to the choice of closure in the back (the dotted lines are suggestions). The skirt patterns work with both top patterns.
  2. Leggings pattern (2). This is drafted for stretchy fabric, and you don’t need to add seam allowance for stretchy fabric (except for the waist). Cut two pieces (one turned) and sew the front (F) first, then the legs and finally the back.
  3. Another top pattern (3). You need to add sewing allowance and add length to the shirt pattern if you want to use it for a separate shirt to go with the the leggings. I drew the pattern a bit shorter to go with the skirts, because it looks better that way. The picture with the leggings shows the shirt pattern (3). I added length by adding a trim, without it it’s just about the length of the blue fabric. Since it’s stretchy fabric I didn’t add seam allowance except for the neck line.

The pattern can be used for Kruseling dolls as well, but you will have to adjust it a bit to fit them.

The blue dress is a dress made for Kruselings, I didn’t make it, it’s what she came in. It’s too tight in the back for the MiniAmiga, who is a bit shorter and less slim. The shirt and leggings made for MiniAmiga fit the Kruseling girl, but you will have to add a bit of length to the shirt as well as the legs. The dress patterns work nicely for the Kruselings, they are just not as tight.



12 thoughts on “Free Paola Reina MiniAmiga pattern”

  1. Such cute outfits! Thanks for sharing the patterns! Your little Amiga looks adorable in the shirt and pants, the shirt goes well with her beautiful new eyes.

          1. I’m afraid I don’t have those anymore either, but lots of people will be very happy with patterns for them, those adorable dolls are very popular. 🙂

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