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Exercise outfit pattern for Raccoon women

The one-size-fits all exercise outfit pattern for your Raccoon girls. It fits all slim bodies and the NaPoGlam body. It’s tight on Iplehouse classic body girls, but can easily be adjusted.

Making the Yoga outfits for the Raccoon body comparison was so much fun that I thought you might want to make some for your girls as well. I used medium cotton jersey and would recommend something similar. Very thin fabric might be too stretchy and see-through, or rip when it gets caught in the mobility joints. The top is closed with doll Velcro. I am usually not a fan of Velcro, but in this case it’s the best option.

Except for a zigzag stitch at certain places everything is hand sewn. Jersey doesn’t fray, I added the zigzag for stability and to prevent the waistband from wearing out.

Seam allowance is included in the pattern, you can print and trace it without adding allowance. I didn’t use any elastic in the waist, the shape is kept just by the way it’s made.

Cut your pieces (turn the pants piece for other leg). Close the shoulder straps and darts. I used the zigzag stitch at the sides and on the bottom side of the waistband (or rather chest-band in this case). Make sure you cut your band with the grain in the right direction.

Flatten the dart seams before you add the band. Connect it to the top first, then fold down, fold back the bottom and add a topstitch. Stretch the fabric just a little while you do that.

You can adjust the top to the chest size by cutting the neckline a bit deeper for a larger breast. But it’s not really necessary, even my girls with a larger bust can wear both necklines.

I used rolled hems on the neckline and arm holes.

At the pants parts I added the zigzag at the leg bottom and in the waist after I closed the front and the darts.

After closing the legs and back I folded back the hems and stitched them down with an almost invisible variant of a backstitch (very small stitch on the top, larger distance below). But that’s up to you if you want it to be seen or not. Just make sure you stretch the fabric a bit while you do the waist. You need to do the seam flexible enough to allow the garment to go over the hips.


The back of the top is closed as shown in the last picture. Both sides are folded back and stitched down, the left side goes over the right side (the right part of the back is a bit wider).

I hope you have fun making some exercise outfits for your girl. This pattern is not for creating outfits for sale, just for your personal use. Thank you!

Make sure you print the PDF at 100%.

Pattern for DIN A4 paper size (click on icon to open PDF)


Pattern for Letter paper size



Please follow my blog if you want to use the patterns. And of course I am always happy to see the result, especially if you try this on a SartoriaJ girl. I don’t have one, so I can’t try if it fits them as well. :).

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