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Dolly critter friends

As promised in the previous post here’s the pattern for Mona’s ladybug, or any other dolly critter friend. It’s a super simple and quick to make dolly companion, and it’s up to you if you paint it or felt the face on. Embroidery would work just as well. And of course you can use remnants from fabric you used to make your doll an outfit to dress the critter in the same fashion.

Add a bit of sewing allowance. Don’t forget to make tiny cuts where the curves are, else it might crumple a bit when you turn it to the right side. I used black jersey knit and beige felt for the bodies and felted on face and eyes.

Ears, antlers, hair – get creative :).  My tiny girls fight over these two guys. I think I need to make some more. Amanthis didn’t want to let go of them.

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The pattern PDF is A4, but since the size doesn’t need to be exact it doesn’t make much difference. You should be fine printing it without scaling in letter format and ignore the warnings that parts might be cropped off.

Dolly critter friend pattern:

4 thoughts on “Dolly critter friends”

  1. Thanks for sharing the pattern! Lots of little dollies will be very happy with their new cuddly friend. 🙂

  2. Thanks, I shall give these a go Mia, I have loads of felt that I need to do something with and these look like they would be relaxing therapy to help me through the cold winter ahead. 😄
    Big hugs,

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