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Tag: repaint


Meet Jellybean, the latest addition to the unstrung crowd. She is a repainted Monst doll.     Jellybean, Toffee and Milka look good enough to eat, don’t they?    

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Dolls and chocolate

As it happens, I love both. And while dolls are certainly more expensive, they are probably better for your waistline. But without a weekly dose of both – dolls and

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First repaint of 2023

The first repaint of 2023. Winter isn’t a great time for repaints, too dark too soon. But this girl managed to get a new look despite the gloomy weather. She

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New repaints: Rose and Jade

All the beautiful pictures Kamelia took of my repainted girls inspired me to start repainting again. It’s been a while since I repainted a 1/6 Vinyl doll, January to be

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Exciting news from Poland

This post is part of a joint project of Kameliadolls and ResinRapture. We had this idea a while ago, when I started with the Barbie repaints. I thought it would

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It’s a boy!

For once, it’s a boy. Which is definitively a rarity, I am apparently more of a girl doll collector. I do have male dolls, and I love them, but they

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First new face in 2022

First new face in 2022 🙂 I had plans to finish a lot more repaints, but somehow the time went by so quickly that I only managed one. Her name

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Repaint threesome

Three more girls and their outfits finished :). And not only the girls: Since the Non-BJD dolls are not really part of the resin family, I decided to give them

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Pumpkin fashion

I used this newly finished repaint for the #monday4dolls game, and since the theme of this week’s game was “pumpkin”, this is a pretty orange post. She has the skin

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Ying Yang – Xinyi repaint

I finished this girl even before Christie and Nora, but since Xinyi dolls are smaller and slimmer than Barbie, she needed some more clothes first. As it happens the #monday4dolls

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Nature girl and Diva

Same sculpt repaint project part one: nature girl and Diva Haha, we’re not done with the repaint phase. I thought about creating a separate blog for all the non-BJD dolls,

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