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Tag: repaint

Kissmela doll OOAK paint

Kissmela or the smallest face I have ever painted Kissmela fashion dolls have been around for a while. This mold (Anne) was released in 2016, I believe. But up until

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Kruselings and MiniAmiga

Käthe Kruse Kruseling Sophia I received a gift yesterday :). The Käthe Kruse company very kindly sent me a little Kruseling doll. They are 23 cm tall, about the same

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Heads up

Remember the head from last post? It’s finished now. I had imagined it like one of those vintage wooden display dummies, where the paint is all cracked and yellowed. And

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New face for Melisande

A couple of weeks ago I ruined Melisande’s face. She just received a make over, and I actually like her better now. She has some more wrinkles, freckles and looks

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Corvin’s new face

Two weeks ago I damaged Corvin‘s face up beyond repair. Stupid, really. I usually never paint my nails, but a couple of days before I did and forgot about it.

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Make over for Mailin

I wasn’t really happy with the way my little tomboy Mailin looked. I had already changed her FU a little but I wasn’t quite satisfied with the result, so I

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