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It’s a boy!

For once, it’s a boy. Which is definitively a rarity, I am apparently more of a girl doll collector. I do have male dolls, and I love them, but they are seriously outnumbered. In this case, it’s about 20 to one. His name is Matt, and he’s spoilt for choice as far as possible girl friends are concerned.

This is the only Ken I own, he’s a GHT93 BMR 1959. I want to learn how to re-root, and maybe I will get another guy and try that on him, but for now some dreads and the repaint must do. I gave him a hand blushing as well. In one or two of the pictures his hands are still in their original state, and it looked so odd that I added some color to make them look more natural.

And I made a couple of outfits for him. Unfortunately I forgot to scrape off those annoying little plastic knobs most of the MTMs come with, and the jeans caught on one of them. I sanded the front of the pant legs to give them a worn look, so the tiny hole doesn’t really matter, but it wasn’t planned.

Of all the BMR guys I liked his face the most, and I am very happy with his looks now.


ResinRapture-OOAK GHT93 BMR 1959




6 thoughts on “It’s a boy!”

  1. Wonderful work Mia!! This Ken’s cheekbones and lips are really emphasized now, you showed the true potential of this face mould! Very cool, and I love him in the striped sweater. And the hair is so much better! Can you tell that I love his new look?! Lol!

    1. Thank you! I make them, but I only have time to make them for mine, not for sale. But my blogger friend Kameliadolls sells lovely fashion for Barbie.

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