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Barbie’s mom – more repaints

Remember the WWE doll Carmella I started carving? I thought her features would work well for an older face. And since Mattel has released curvy and tall dolls, I thought I’ll create one over 40. The only body in that skin tone I had was the fashionista Barbie body, so she’s a bit inflexible. But don’t we all get a bit inflexible over 40? 😉


Modified and repainted WWE Carmella

It was difficult to photograph her in a way that all the tiny wrinkles show – her skintone is rather dark. But I think it’s still visible that she’s older. I am really happy with how she turned out, she looks like the mom I wanted to create.


Selfie with mom 😉


The daughter is another repaint I just finished, her name is Katie. She was a Yoga Barbie. I am not really a fan of the open mouth smile. But it’s sculpted, so I can’t really do anything about it except carving her, and I didn’t want to change the sculpt. Instead I gave her a bit of a lopsided smile to correspond with the eyebrows.


ResinRapture-OOAK Barbie doll repaint: Katie


I hope I am not boring you with all the repaint posts ;). Just a couple more pictures. I really need to make more clothes for them. Or give them to Kamelia to dress them ;). I think this girl would look great in Rockabilly dresses.


9 thoughts on “Barbie’s mom – more repaints”

  1. Really, really cool repaints, I love the mom and the daughter with her smile and slightly raised eyebrow. Awesome job, and I never get bored of amazing repaints. 🙂

  2. Bored? Are you kidding?
    New WWE face and corrected sculpt is amazing. You was absolutely right to add her some years – she looks gorgeous.
    And mtm girl looks great too. Sewing for them will be wonderful. 😉

    1. Haha :). Now I just regret that she is on the fashionista body. The curves suit her, but I would like her to be able to move more. Wouldn’t it be fun if the two of us told the story of their journey to a model job in Poland in pictures? I am still working on more MTMs. Maybe I should start a model agency ;D.

  3. Never bored, always amazed! They are terrific Mia and make a perfect Mother/Daughter duo. I love how you have done their eyes, they look so realistic. 😊 Keep ’em coming!
    Big hugs,

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