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What will be her name? Update – name found!

I just finished my first Monst doll repaint. She was the little girl with the half closed eyes. Her company name is Chouchou. While I wanted to keep a bit of her grumpy or sceptical expression, a new name is in order. I thought something that would allow me to name the other girls in a similar style might be fun. Like Zazie, Lulu, Mimi, Lele and so on. Maybe Amber, Olive, Ruby, Hazel? Or following the candy-idea of my friend Linda: Butterscotch, Fudge, Cookie, Jellybean…

I hope you get the idea. What do you think would suit this little girl? Nothing too sweet, something that sounds a bit cheeky, maybe?


Monst Savage doll repaint


I have made lots and lots of clothes, but I had very little time to take pictures, so you get to see just a few out of many. And the sunlight wasn’t the best light, I hope you can still see enough detail.

This little lady is an overalls type of girl I think. The dark blue and yellow overalls set is the outfit she came in. I made the jeans overalls for her. Unfortunately the patch on her knee is covered by the pug, I have to take a better picture of this some other day.



She does like stripes, apparently. So I made some more stripy clothes for her. The shoes are Blythe/OB11 shoes, but smaller doll shoes fit her as well.



She does look nice in a dress, though. With or without pug. Sewing for these girls is so much fun! I hope I will have better light to take pictures next weekend.



I hope you like her – and help me find a name.

Post edit to add: 

Thanks to Linda and her idea with the candy-names this girl has a name now: Toffee. Brown and sweet.

Lovely suggestions were made on facebook (and here), but I thought the candy names were so unique and fun that I decided to go with them. And I think Toffee really suits her. Thanks to all those who made suggestions!

20 thoughts on “What will be her name? Update – name found!”

  1. When i saw her a name pop up to me and since then no other fit her well enough ( for me) It is “Lilou” there is maybe “LLulu” with the 2 l, “Pennie” voilà for now

  2. She does look lovely in stripes. You know I love your repaint, and the outfits are wonderful! That little pug is also adorable, they look so good together. 🙂

  3. love the eyes,the originals are ok but the repaint gives more life to the doll! i’ve begun sewing for mine,a challenge as i haven’t sewn in months.

    1. Thank you! And have fun with the sewing, it’s certainly a challenge because everything is so small, but they are done so quickly by hand that it’s really productive.

  4. Oh Mia she’s absolutely delightful and definitely looks like a Ruby to me! She really “sparkles” 🙂 Love her in all the outfits, but red is her colour.
    Big hugs,

  5. Oh I adore the repaint of her face. It looks fantastic. I have this very doll as well but she has her default face. Aren’t they such cute dolls? And they are pretty good at posing considering their height and thin arms and legs!! I was super surprised with mine. Your girl looks great in whatever she wears!

  6. I love her new face – so much better then the fabric make up! Great job! You made beautiful clothes for her. I like the straps – both blue and red – on her.
    Toffie is a wonderful name for her.

      1. It’s magic for me. I was painting lips lately and I did it like 20 times before it was acceptable. xD

  7. She looks so cute!! I love her chubby face and the (almost) frown! Your repaint is gorgeous as always, and I like the red stripes and the overall the most!

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