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Unstrung crowd picture spam

Just some more pictures of my recent repaints. I made some more outfits for the girls, and Matt hasn’t been posing for a while as well.



Knit wear is always nice when it’s getting cold. Neve loves her new sweater, and Rose chose a cardigan that matches her new skirt and shirt. I also made another dress for her.



Matt loves the dogs…



These were taken for the #monday4dolls game on Instagram, the theme was BROWN. Laura already had the shirt, the leggings are new. Joanna has a new dress and a rather big cookie. I wanted to make brownies, but I didn’t have the ingredients in the house, so cookie it is.




8 thoughts on “Unstrung crowd picture spam”

  1. I love Neve’s hair! And her outfits are the best! Rose’s dress is similar to the beige one on Joanna, and I honestly *love* the shape on both!

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