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New repaints: Rose and Jade

All the beautiful pictures Kamelia took of my repainted girls inspired me to start repainting again. It’s been a while since I repainted a 1/6 Vinyl doll, January to be exact. And it’s definitively autumn now, the days get shorter. Before it’s dark again when I come home from work I want to finish a couple more. I have quite a few Barbies waiting for their rebirth as OOAK repaints, so I am spoilt for choice.

Let’s start with…


Rose is a repainted Asia MTM Barbie. Unfortunately she came with a tiny black spot in the vinyl of her face, and I didn’t see it before I took her out of her box. Too late to send her back. But it’s barely visible, so I think it’s ok. I already repainted an Asia MTM, Siri, and it’s fun to create different looks for this face mold.


OOAK Asia MTM Barbie repaint


The Asia MTM’s hair is not as soft as that of other Barbies, the hair Mattel uses is of very varying quality. But it looks nicer already with the curls I gave her.




The second girl was a 5 Euro special offer I grabbed from ALDI. Nobody wanted her, she was the last one left. One of her eyes is misprinted, maybe that’s why. I hope I made her pretty enough to console her for this rejection. I named her Jade. She is a #GVJ97 Barbie head on the green top yoga MTM body. I am not really a fan of the toothy Barbie grin, but hers is a very subtle one, so I didn’t blacken the gap. I gave her hair a light wave. She turned out almost glamorous, don’t you think?


OOAK Barbie #GVJ97 repaint on MTM body


I made this green tunic for another doll, but the color matches her eyes. The tiny heart buttons look a bit silly on her, though. The shiny green is more her style.



And last but not yet repainted: I came across this really pretty Fashionista face. She was released this year, I believe. She is a curvy Fashionista, (#188), her dark hair has some lighter streaks. It’ll need a boil wash. The purple top blonde yoga Barbie is a perfect color match. I already look forward to repaint her. But her original face paint (in the picture below) isn’t too bad as well. But I will continue with two other dolls first, I will show them in the next post. They need some clothes first.


ResinRapture-OOAK Barbie doll


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  1. I was sure I commented this post… Maybe it was on IG? I’m so lost recently… xD
    Your repaints are absolutely wonderful. I fell in love with Rose.

      1. I know, I know… I have been writing a reply since yesterday. xD I will send in few minutes. 😀

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