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Monst fashion for Milka and Toffee

Just a few out of many more…

I don’t want to overdose the sweets. And I can hardly manage to find the bit of light I need to take pictures.

First more bib overalls. Milka wanted one with a bunny on the bib pocket. I added a pants cuff in light pink to match the bib. Toffee got a brownish one. I unpicked the little white bows with beads again and added buttons instead. Somehow the bows didn’t fit with her character, don’t you think? I feel like these girls need clothes that show attention to detail without being too frilly. I just noticed in the pictures that Milka’s overalls look a bit crumply around the waist. I forgot to take off her panties first.




Next up dresses. Toffee in plain knit stripes and Milka in a green dress with lace straps and a sewn-on heart as a “bib”.



This white dress isn’t really a dress, it’s an apron, but I add it to complete the sewn-on hearts show.



And last but not least: These little ones make lovely siblings for Perdita, they have matching head/body proportions.


Perdita and Milka


I hope you are not bored yet with the cuteness, I have made so many dresses and there are still repaints to come.

10 thoughts on “Monst fashion for Milka and Toffee”

  1. I have my first Monst. I love your inspiration. I think they look great in overalls. I am not a repaint artist but would like to add. Bit of color to my girls cheeks. What would you suggest?

    1. Thanks, Sherry! Depends, if you just want to try first without sealing it you could add a bit of pastel (rub the pastel stick over paper and dab the resulting powder on the cheeks with a soft brush). Without sealant it will rub off again. There are lots of videos on Youtube how to do doll repaints. Watching a couple of those might help if you are not sure how to go about it. Just give it a try, it’s fun!

  2. The hearts dress and apron are adorable, well, all the outfits are. πŸ™‚ I like the colours very much as well. Perdita does look great with Milka, the proportions are perfect.

  3. That’s done it!! I need a couple more Monst dolls now. Your tiny tots look so lovely in their outfits Mia, that the temptation was just too much. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh yes, there is so much sweetness… They look amazing in all the clothes you made for them. I can’t even choose what I like the most. πŸ™‚

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