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Guess what? More repaints. Tania and Joanna

I am not sure if I will repaint more this year, but for now these are the last two.


Tania is a Barbie FXN99 head on a GXF04 body. She came dressed in a red and black “little chef” outfit, together with a pan and a white plastic hat. She was a petite Barbie. The body I put her on is not an exact color match, BMR Kira would have been closer. But I wanted her on a tall body. I gave her curls as well. The hair is very golden, but it works with her face.

I named her Tania, dedicated to a lovely friend. My way of thanking her namesake for many beautiful flowers and a family of kitties in 1/6 scale – and for being such a nice person.


Barbie #FXN99 repaint on GXF04 MTM body


This is the first outfit I made for her.



I made this outfit for the weekly #mondayfordolls challenge hosted by @bella_belladoll on Instagram. The theme was “BEIGE”.




Remember the “future projects” picture of this girl and her perfect body match (purple top blonde Yoga Barbie)? I couldn’t resist to do her next. This face mold is really pretty, she looks so gentle. I got a couple of “pairs” to create more OOAKs with her face.

She had a different name first, but a dear friend thought it didn’t suit her. So I decided to rename her – after said friend, whose name I like very much. She is a Fashionista #188, a curvy girl. I put her on the GXF04 MTM body. I made two outfits for her introduction, but she will certainly be getting more.


Fashionista #188 repaint on GXF04 MTM body


I like her in the flower dress, but I think she looks even better in her light blue linen tunic. But it took about an hour to find a needle I could get through those super tiny button holes. 🙂


Tania and Joanna are best friends.


OOAK Barbies Tania and Joanna



I hope you liked these two. Have a lovely week!



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