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Tiny clothes for my Kissmela Ava

I think Kissmela doll Ava appeared only once or twice on this blog. Ava came blank. Unfortunately she has a very shiny body. I tried to cover Ava’s cleavage to make it less obvious. After the first few pictures I decided to sand her body a little to remove the shine. Not completely satisfied with the result, but it’s better now.

I just saw that I her very pointy fingers pulled a thread on her sleeves. Please just ignore it :). The light green flower pattern dress shows her cleavage with reduced shine.


4 thoughts on “Tiny clothes for my Kissmela Ava”

    1. Thank you! I used a super fine sanding cloth. It’s not really sanding, more something like superfine surface scratches. Reverse polishing, so to speak.

  1. She has a very beautiful face Mia and with those red locks she looks gorgeous in green.
    Big hugs,

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