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More new repaints: Cherry and Neve

Ready for the next pair? Here we go…


The original doll for this repaint is another special offer from Aldi. I prefer closed mouth dolls, and her hair color was another plus, so I grabbed her without knowing if I would find a matching jointed body, but she looked like an Asia-Yoga body match. She is.

Cherry is a #GHW48 Barbie head on the Asia MTM body. I wanted a fresh and healthy look for her. She has a bit of country girl about her, maybe her square chin adds to that look. The checkered dress I made for her certainly does.


Barbie #GHW48 repaint on Asia MTM Body




Fashionista #124 is a girl that caught my eye when I first came across her picture in a doll group on Facebook. I bought her the same day. I love her extravagant hairdo, at least the green punk wave. The painted brown sides with the calligraphy cut are ok. And she is one of the few dolls that come with an original outfit I actually like. But since she is a petite Fashionista her overall doesn’t fit the MTM body. I like her face mold a lot, too. She looks fresh, fun and cheeky.


Fashionista #124 on Asia MTM body



I really hope you like the occasional unstrung crowd phase. I am not done with the repaints yet. I have finished one more, but I want to pair her with another one. Still working on that girl. And I have to admit that I feel a bit demotivated at times. It might sound weird, but I feel oddly disconnected. Facebook and Instagram have changed so much that I don’t really feel “at home” there any longer, and some of my favorite fellow bloggers stopped blogging or commenting. I guess I should “work” for more feedback and interact and comment more myself again, but these are strange times, and I tend to seclude myself even more than usual. Maybe a lot of people feel the same way, I don’t know. And I am freezing. But enough of the whine, the dolls give me joy, and the blog motivates me to make stuff and share it. And if I can just entertain a handful of people with the posts, I am glad :). Have a lovely weekend!




8 thoughts on “More new repaints: Cherry and Neve”

  1. Love the checkered dress! The girls are beautiful after their repaints. 😍 Haha, the green haired girl does look cheeky, as if she always has the right reply ready. I know the feeling you’re talking about, and do think many other people feel this way too unfortunately. Our dolls at least still allow us to escape every now and then, don’t they. 😊

    1. Thank you! Neve looks fun, doesn’t she? The green wave was a bit tricky to style after washing it, but I love the hairdo. And thank you for sharing your thoughts on the last part. It really seems to be the age of alienation, despite all the ways to connect. One reason I am very glad about our exchange :).

  2. This is amazing how you changed the redhaired doll’s face. She looks so mature now.
    And Neve is wonderfull too.
    I know what you mean with the blogs and beeing disconnected. Sometimes I wonder if I am writing on the blog only for myself… Maybe. But still, that’s my favourite place in the Internet. The calm one. I’ll keep posting no matter what, this is kind of an archive for me. And when anybody visits – I’m really happy. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! I really like Cherry, I wasn’t sure what to do with her, but country girl suits her. I agree about the blog being an archive. And even if people don’t comment, I hope some of the silent visitors get something out of it.

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