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Exciting news from Poland

This post is part of a joint project of Kameliadolls and ResinRapture. We had this idea a while ago, when I started with the Barbie repaints. I thought it would be fun to see the girls model clothes for Kamelia. But I have to admit that all I did was repaint them and send them off to Poland.

And that’s where the real magic happens. Kamelia was kind enough to allow me to re-post some of her fabulous pictures on my blog. The post preview picture is one of hers as well.

Of course I want to add a bit to the story, but it really unfolds on Kamelia‘s blog. I will add the links to the blog posts she published on her blog. I admire her photographic skills, she has the talent to really bring 1/6 to life. And the clothes she makes are so beautiful! To be honest, I had never imagined that the repainted girls could look so fabulous. But visit Kamelia’s blog and see for yourself 🙂

As you might remember, Suzie moved to Poland to start her dream job at Kamelia’s Atelier. Katie, Christie, Nora and Carmen joined her.

On Kameliadolls blog: 1. Arrival of the girls

Becky and Emily are excited to hear about their friend’s arrival.


How was the journey? How is everybody? — That sounds great!


Suzie has her own room, and she is very excited to meet the team at Kamelia’s Atelier. So many new faces!

On Kameliadolls blog: 2. Meeting at the Kamelia’s Atelier


Suzie is eager to learn, and she very much enjoyed her first few days at work. It took a lot of time to fit the new designs, but she had so much fun.

On Kameliadolls blog: 3. Fitting

Suzie helps with the fitting. Picture, diorama and clothes ©Kamelia


Christie is going to model this dream of a white wedding dress, Kamelia’s first entry for the #dollbride2022 on Instagram. Christie is very excited, and the results are just stunning. Make sure to take a look at all the beautiful dress pictures, taken by Kamelia’s photographer Margaret at a fountain in Rzeszów. Meet other members of the team, the stylist Morgana e.g. The behind the scene shots are just as enjoyable, I can almost imagine the sound of water, the girl’s excitement and the work atmosphere.


Follow the story on Kameliadolls blog: 4. A bride in white and gold


White wedding dress. Picture and clothes ©Kamelia


And of course the girls at home follow their friend’s adventures, they couldn’t wait to see who would have a chance to model next.

They were so happy for their friends- and a bit envious. Only Matt decided to take the dogs for a walk. Bit too much wedding dress enthusiasm for his taste…



Nora was next. She had the chance to model the amethyst dress – her favorite color. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the girls had the chance to visit the Rose Garden at the Castle Museum in Łańcut.

The result of this photo shoot is a fairy tale, the amethyst princess walking the gardens. Kamelia made this wonderful gown as well, the bouquet and of course all the other clothes you can see on Kameliadolls blog: 5. Amethyst wedding dress


Amethyst dress, picture © Kamelia


Of course it was work for Christie, Nora, Suzie and the other girls, but they had enough time to enjoy a bit of sight seeing as well. I will end this post with a big thanks to Kamelia, who made this happen. It really makes me happy to see my girls thrive in front of her lens, and I feel honored that they could be a part of this fantastic wedding dress project.


Christie and Nora send their latest selfie home…


Clothes + picture ©Kamelia




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  1. Goodness those clothes are stunning, but the repaints are very life-like and that’s all on you!
    Lovely photos, and now I have another blog to read!

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