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Meet Jellybean, the latest addition to the unstrung crowd. She is a repainted Monst doll.


Monst-Savage-Doll repaint


Jellybean, Toffee and Milka look good enough to eat, don’t they?


Monst doll trio Toffee, Jellybean and Milka


I just noticed that I ripped the bib of Jellybean’s white overalls, I hope it’s not too visible in the picture. The little critter is one of my cat’s toys, but it looked so cute with Jellybean that I borrowed it for the pictures.

8 thoughts on “Jellybean”

  1. She’s gorgeous Mia. These dolls have something very special about them, I love mine too!
    Big hugs,

      1. Well they definitely connect with us. LOL! I love these dolls, and what you’ve done with yours makes them very special. They look like real little kids and their names are perfect for them. I’d like to make over mine in some way, but I’m not sure where to start. I’m also tempted to add the three I’m missing from this current edition.

          1. The white one was part of the first trio released without the articulated body. If I ever see one I’ll let you know. šŸ™‚ Now I’ve ordered the other three I realise I now have an even number, so I may have to buy a different head and put it on another Monst body.

    1. I ended up ordering another Chou Chou. By the time you purchase a body, head, then a wig etc. it worked out cheaper to do that. I will wipe the face, repaint and restyle the hair, hopefully it will turn out okay.

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