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Tag: RaccoonRosie

More stripes for Queenie

The striped shirt I made for Queenie suited her personality so well that I made a second one in different colors. This stripy fabric is one of the latest acquisitions,

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Monday shirts

Another stripy shirt-Monday. I have been playing a bit with combinations, and I found a blue knit that looked like a good match for one of the stripe pattern colors.

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Later, skater

Queenie has some new clothes. And since the dress looks a bit like those called “skater dress” I thought I’d make a skateboard for her. I have seen fingerboards, they

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Aqua & blonde

New dye results. I always liked the look of light hair and aqua tones, and that should be reason enough to make some new things for my light blondes Queenie

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Autumn walk

Just some pictures of Queenie in her new jacket. Queenie walked back home from the stables. It’s getting cold, but she enjoyed the last bit of sunshine.

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Porch diorama finished

I had a good time today. It’s my birthday and I was very lazy, took a day off from work and went shopping for herbs and tiny pots. Unfortunately it’s

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Rainy May Day

Just some pictures to celebrate May Day. I wanted to take pictures out in the garden, but it has been raining almost all day. Indoors pictures it is, then. Roux

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Just pictures

Some pictures I didn’t want to mix with the upcoming easter post. First Fiona, she was out in the garden today. Not the best pictures, but I love her amidst

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Fun sized pile

Just some pictures of the fun sized crew. I am busy sewing outfits for Harace, but I don’t want to show them before she has a face.

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What can I get you?

Queenie and Roux are over at Eve’s Eatery for a quick lunch. It’s Bell’s shift and they have a little chat while she’s taking their orders. Queenie and Roux have

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What to wear to a garden party?

Roux, Queenie and Ludivine are invited to a garden party. Walden was invited too, but he’s somewhere in Dubai at the moment, photographing hotel suites for a client. It’s a

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Outfits for Queenie

Queenie’s morning routine includes not only an hour or two with her horse, but also a shower and a change into her day clothes when she comes home from the

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Queenie Legrand

Queenie Legrand is a Raccoondoll Rosie on the slim body in normal skin. She joined the Tiny Humanoids in 2018. Queenie shares her house with Roux, Ludivine and Walden. She is proud owner of a horse.

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Raccoon incoming

It was about -17°C last week, and I was worried the cold might affect the incoming dolls. Still waiting for Leonard on the new body, but he should be here

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