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Just pictures

Some pictures I didn’t want to mix with the upcoming easter post.

First Fiona, she was out in the garden today.
Not the best pictures, but I love her amidst the elephant’s ears (those are the huge pink flowers in the second picture). They grow in a rather shadowy corner.

Iplehouse Lonnie – Fiona Luna McLean
Dots wears stripes for a change and sports some new corduroy pants in brown. Apparently she wants to tell me something about yarn and future knitwear projects, but she’s happy for now.
Iplehouse Celina – Dorothy Luna McLean
Sophia didn’t get anything new for a long time, and that’s why I made this sweater for her. It looks very mature. I don’t know why Iplehouse decided to discontinue her, she has such a lovely smile. Stella wears her new skull shirt.


And last but not least Melisande and Queenie, they took a walk in the forest. Queenie has a new shirt.
Maybe I shouldn’t have dressed her in that jacket, the shirt is almost hidden.
Iplehouse Harace – Melisande de Vries

2 thoughts on “Just pictures”

  1. I love Sophia's new sweater. Who knows why Iplehouse discontinues the dolls they do? Sometimes I think it's a sales ploy: Buy it before it goes away forever. Too many BJD companies are guilty of that lately.

    The other outfits look great, too. I love the yarn colors, either together or separately. It's hard when you make something for just one doll. You get the feeling that everyone else is looking on, thinking: When will it be my turn? Or: I wonder if that sweater would fit me?

  2. You might be right – I don't really understand why some companies do what they do. Thank you :). Shades of grey and pink would certainly look nice on Dots. Haha- I know the feeling. I used to work on several items, but it stresses me to have too many unfinished projects.

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