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Aqua & blonde

New dye results. I always liked the look of light hair and aqua tones, and that should be reason enough to make some new things for my light blondes Queenie and Everett. Everett has a new shirt, a formerly white shirt tie dyed with Simplicol expert dye. He seems to like it. ;-).


Queenie got a subtle gradient dye from very light aqua to a darker shade, and the skirt received the same treatment. Since the shirt was white and the skirt unbleached cotton, it’s not exactly the same shade, but close enough to work as an ensemble.


10 thoughts on “Aqua & blonde”

  1. Blonde and aqua is one of my favorite combinations, too. Love Everett's shirt: the starburst in the center provides an exciting focal point. Queenie's combination is gentle and soft, which suits her overall look. Because of the progression of color in the top, it doesn't matter that the skirt came out a different shade. It looks like it was planned that way.

  2. Thank you :). The starbust was a lovely surprise. You never know what a tie die will look like. And he wears it like a right poser :-D. The skirt is much thinner, too, maybe a petticoat will change the color to the lighter or brighter tones of the top. But you are right, it doesn't look 'wrong'.

  3. Thank you! I found elastics for tiny braids, and thank god – else you would have to wrap the large ones at least 50 times…

  4. I agree with Linda, you have achieved really beautiful results Mia. I love the colours with your blond haired dolls.
    Big hugs,

  5. I love this colours and combinations too, so I completely understand. 🙂 Great results on all three things. I love them.

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