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Raccoon incoming

It was about -17°C last week, and I was worried the cold might affect the incoming dolls. Still waiting for Leonard on the new body, but he should be here tomorrow- I am pretty certain I’ll be able to pick him up this week.

These lovely ladies arrived safe and sound, thank god. I couldn’t resist the free shipping during Christmas event. It’s funny how dolls can look so close in scale and overall design and yet so different in the details, like the knees and hands. Raccoon dolls are the work of my favorite former Iplehouse sculptor, and the amount of detail in the faces and bodies is just what I expected. They’re lovely and unique, and I can’t wait to paint them. They have to wait though, my painful dentist appointments and the short break I took from work still left a pile of stuff I have to do first. They’ll be Ludivine and Queenie when I finished them.

But I tried a couple of clothes on them, and to my surprise their feet fit into some 1/6 mary janes I bought for the kids. And a jacket I ordered about four years ago that never fit any of my dolls :). Maybe there’s time to make some basic patterns this week and start with their wardrobe.

Boxopening Rosie and Emma


5 thoughts on “Raccoon incoming”

  1. Ah, so here they are! I just responded to your comment on my blog, saying I didn't know you had ordered Raccoon girls. I have found that this size is good for wearing clothing that didn't fit anyone else. So far the only 1/6 shoes I tried on them didn't fit. Raccoons have the smallest feet of girls this size so I had high hopes. Good luck with the dentist!

  2. Thank you! I thought I told you I wanted Rosie. These were the only 1/6 shoes that fit, the others were too small. Thanks, I am not swollen any more and painfree.

  3. "the work of my favorite former Iplehouse sculptor"
    Oh now it makes sense why I love Raccoon doll ^^
    Lovely Ladies and Congrats! I am excited how they will turn out :3

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