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Outfits for Queenie

Queenie’s morning routine includes not only an hour or two with her horse, but also a shower and a change into her day clothes when she comes home from the stables. She’s usually in a hurry and likes her clothes practical and easy to change into.

Queenie rarely wears jewelry, but her wardrobe includes some unique designer clothes. One of her cousins is a fashion designer, and Queenie happens to like his style. One of her favorite dresses is his creation, he made it especially for her. Queenie has a talent to wear clothes with an easy elegance, but she doesn’t like her clothes too fancy. Even if her work requires dressing up she likes to keep it simple.

Fair and square, Queenie’s favorite Designer dress



4 thoughts on “Outfits for Queenie”

  1. Wow! My girls are lucky if they get one item of clothing at a time. Yours get an entire closetful! My favorites in this round are the sleeveless dress and jacket (photos 2 and 3) and the turquoise blouse (dress?) at the bottom. But frankly, Queenie looks good in everything.

  2. Thank you :). The dress with the matching jacket is almost too romantic for her, but I love the fabric. The turquoise blouse (with a dress underneath) is made from frabric that is very see-through. I just saw in the picture how see-through exactly…

  3. I loved her outfits, she looks great in all of them!! But the last shirt is so perfect! I never managed for that type of fabric to look as good as you did there!

  4. Thank you :). This type of fabric is not really sewing friendly in that scale, that's why I usually avoid working with stuff like that.

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