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Mint shirts and hipster pants

Ever since I found this mint green muslin, I thought it would make a lovely tunic for Tristania. And after weeks I got to actually making one for her. Queenie likes mint as well, and Walden sports some hipster pants.

Iplehouse Claude – Walden Ambrose


Raccoondoll Rosie – Queenie Legrand


And I repainted one of those ‘PomPom Sleeping Baby Doll Key charms’. That’s what they are called on ebay or amazon. They are actually just heads with a fluffy pompon as a body. I removed that and made a tiny baby-body, but it doesn’t have hands yet. This tiny cutie will be introduced properly when my new FID Harace has a face and a story- and obviously a baby.

Iplehouse Claude – Walden Ambrose


But for now Walden is on baby-sitting duty. It suits him, don’t you think?

Iplehouse Claude – Walden Ambrose


5 thoughts on “Mint shirts and hipster pants”

  1. Maybe it's just my monitor, but your mint dress looks gray on my screen. Whatever color it is, it's pretty, especially with Tristania's red hair. Queenie's top and Walden's pants look good, too. As for the baby, that face is simply too adorable! Did you paint the face or was it already painted? Will you make hands from polymer clay or some other material? Walden is a good choice for babysitter–the baby looks a little like him. 🙂

  2. It looks light green on mine, so it's probably your monitor. But it's a very pale green, and grey would look nice as well. It was painted, at least it had black lines for eyelashes and a very red mouth. I wiped it off and tried to make it look a little bit more natural. Haha, I don't know if he would like to hear that, he's been called baby-face at school. I don't know if I will add hands, I don't think I have the tools to sculpt such super tiny hands. I'll have to look through my boxes. Maybe I can use some of the eye-putty that came with Iplehouse dolls before they changed it to the white stuff, it had the same color.

  3. It sounds like your repaint was a definite improvement. The hands will probably be tiny enough that you can improvise a sculpting tool. Most of my old manicure set ended up in my sculpting drawer. You can also use a wooden toothpick, provided it's a good round one and not the flat kind that break easily. I think the original eye putty was a polymer clay, so it should work fine. The trick will be in not over-baking it, or it will turn brown.

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