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Rainy May Day

Just some pictures to celebrate May Day. I wanted to take pictures out in the garden, but it has been raining almost all day. Indoors pictures it is, then. Roux found these tiny white flowers.



Queenie has a new dress. And a new shirt/pants outfit with matching boots.

4 thoughts on “Rainy May Day”

  1. Lovely new outfits, and the colors are so Spring-like. I especially love the print on Queenie's dress. Lavender is a great color for Roux. That's a sweet little print on Queenie's top. All very cheerful, despite the rain. (It's raining here, too.)

  2. Thank you :). I have to admit that I made the lavender top for Queenie. Roux loved it, so Queenie gave it to her. I'll make a lavender jacket for Queenie to go with the dress. The blue shirt is actually the result of an accident, I made the cut for the cleavage too deep and decided to cover it with the print jersey and attach matching sleeves. I quite like the two-in-one look, it's a bit more interesting than a regular shirt. I might add some more with different patterns to the girl's wardrobes.

  3. Hi Mia!
    Roux is looking lovely in that shade, it really compliments her complexion. I love how you rectified your mistake with the cleavage, the shirt looks much more interesting, you have created a two in one without all the bulk of an added layer . . . clever girl! 🙂
    Big hugs,

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