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Raccoon girl head on JID girl body

Raccoon / JID girl head swap

Somebody requested a picture of a Raccoon girl head on an Iplehouse JID girl body. While JID heads on the Iple FID body look rather off and FID woman heads do not fit on JID girl bodies, the Raccoon head looks fine on the JID girl body. In terms of realistic proportions it fits even better than the original JID girl head/body combination.

The Raccoon body is slightly taller and the curves are more mature. Rosie’s head fits well on the neck, no gap.


Raccoon head – JID body


Isar’s head on the Raccoon body looks far too large in my opinion, but the JID heads even look a bit large on their own bodies. The JID girl bodies have wider shoulders, so it doesn’t look that off even though the bodies are smaller. Compared to other MSD sized body/head proportions this combination is still within the range, but the neck does look quite long.
Headswap Raccoon – JID


Just for fun, a Raccoon head /Iplehouse Kid body headswap. While the JID body works fine, this one is just hilarious, or seriously creepy, as far as the KID head on the mature body is concerned. The head can’t move on the neck, while Rosie’s head is a bit wobbly on the KID neck.
Raccoon on KID body 😉


Kid head – Raccoon body


Since I don’t have Raccoon guys I can’t do a male headswap, but the FID guy/JID boy body swap has been done.
My friend Lorraine took this picture of a FID man head on a JID boy body.

4 thoughts on “Raccoon girl head on JID girl body”

  1. Still laughing over the last two photos. Oh my! On the other hand, I love the Raccoon head on the JID body. It's a great alternative for someone who might want some variety in body size and shape. The JID head looks weird to me on the Raccoon body. Somehow the neck doesn't look that long with a Raccoon head on it. And I believe that JID Isar's head is smaller than other JID girl heads, so regular JID girl heads must really bobble. I had almost forgotten that photo of FID Claude's head on the JID boy body. That's one alternative I really like, again a good alternative for someone who wants some variety in bodies, although one reason it works so well is that Claude is a younger looking sculpt. It might not work as well with the more manly sculpts. I haven't tried any head/body switches with a Raccoon man. They both look so forbidding that I've been afraid to touch them!

  2. Haha… Your guys might take it the wrong way if you behead them. But that JID body does look better with a Raccoon head, and if you just want another character and already have a JID, just ordering a Raccoon head would work. Rosies head on the Kid body has a certain goblin appeal :D.

  3. OMG Mia what have you done? ROFL! That poor doll standing with her pants down must be feeling so embarrassed. Actually my first thoughts was "giraffe neck", although the head doesn't look too big, I'd have to dress this doll in a polo neck sweater to cope with the length of the neck. It was a good exercise though.

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