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Autumn walk

Just some pictures of Queenie in her new jacket. Queenie walked back home from the stables. It’s getting cold, but she enjoyed the last bit of sunshine.

10 thoughts on “Autumn walk”

  1. Great color combination. Love the jacket–I'll bet it works well with a few of your dresses, too. Did you knit the hat and scarf? My elf Angela could have used that with her new outfit. 😀

  2. Thank you :). I knitted the hat, but the scarf is actually a knit tube. I need to undo the press buttons and move them a bit more to the middle. I thought your elf might get cold legs, so maybe leg warmers?

  3. You're the second person to suggest that my elf might get cold legs. I probably should make some leg warmers–I didn't think of it at the time. Question: Is a knit tube something you can buy ready made? The only tubes I've ever seen were cheap white cotton meant for doll socks.

  4. You can buy them ready made, but I can't remember where I found these, I had them for ages. I think they came in a bag with different sizes and colors.

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