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Category: Boxopening

Raccoon Kid Jenny arrived

Do you remember my post about the Raccoon kids? My little girl arrived today. This was really fast, she just took about a month. She came in a practical cardboard

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Raccoon Cindy is home!

Just a few days after Nina Cindy arrived as well. I ordered her on the Naturally Posed Glamorous body (Abbreviated NaPoGlam in future posts) in Milk Mocha, both a first

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Raccoon Nina arrived

My Raccoon Nina arrived yesterday. I only ordered her on August 3rd, together with Cindy. This was really fast. And I received some clothes as well as a gift, a

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A new tiny girl arrived

Look who arrived today :). This is a tiny Myou Gina, and I chose her with the same coffee skin tone like Willow She is a bit smaller than Willow

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Maskcat Klara arrived

After a very long journey this little girl arrived. I have been thinking about getting a Maskcat basically from the very first doll she released, but somehow I never went

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Out of the box into 2021

My long awaited Raccoon Daisy arrived! I ordered her during the 30% discount event sale period in September, and she’s the last new doll to arrive this year. Isn’t that

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Plastic princess

Exploring China branded fashion dolls Since I know that quite a few of my followers collect other dolls as well as BJD I thought I’d write about something a bit

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Bianca and Doria arrived!

Happy day 🙂 I received a parcel today, directly to my door step. And it had the famous green sticker on it, which means it passed customs without any fees.

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Box opening

Oops, I did it again… Seriously, I thought I wasn’t going to buy more dolls. But then Iplehouse came up with the curvy FID body. And since the nYid body

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Fid Harace arrived

This girl arrived after two weeks in customs. I was a bit worried because the tracking didn’t show any updates for over a week, but after two weeks she arrived

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Raccoon incoming

It was about -17°C last week, and I was worried the cold might affect the incoming dolls. Still waiting for Leonard on the new body, but he should be here

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Incoming Claude

I picked up Claude this morning :-). Which was doubly enjoyable this time, we had almost springlike weather, and I decided to walk half the way to the customs office.

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Mini girl and maxi horse

Raffine shipped much faster than I expected, and I fetched her from the customs office on Wednesday. I wasn’t sure if the size would feel right, but I actually love

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