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Raccoon Cindy is home!

Just a few days after Nina Cindy arrived as well. I ordered her on the Naturally Posed Glamorous body (Abbreviated NaPoGlam in future posts) in Milk Mocha, both a first for me. She has the larger bust size, and I was a bit afraid she would be too “much” for me, but I absolutely love the body. Since I don’t own a doll on the old glamorous body I can just guess that the posing improvements are similar to those of the Naturally Posed Slim (NaPoSlim) body. I have a body comparison post planned, I just want to add a couple more pictures.

Just as the slim version of the Naturally posed body the glamorous version takes and holds natural poses effortlessly and easily. It’s a pleasure to see how easy you can put a hand on a thigh or make her sit like she does in the picture. All those little things that you want a doll to do without tricks or pockets to hold a hand in place.

Please excuse the picture quality, it was dark already when I took the full body pictures and I had to use artificial light.


6 thoughts on “Raccoon Cindy is home!”

  1. I wanted to write this comment under the comparison post. Great comparison. I have the same feeling about the joints, but you are right. If the doll is dressed – they are covered anyway.
    I don’t know why but some of my comments fails when I try to publish them.

    1. Thank you! It sometimes happens, trying again later usually helps. I think I get used to the joints, my girls are almost always fully dressed, so I won’t see them.

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