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Raccoondoll Lara Boxopening and blank head

I picked up my Raccoondoll Lara from customs this morning. 🙂

And I had an interesting chat with the customs office lady. They are always very friendly and interested, and I told her about the latest recast issue. She said she’d keep an eye out. If only they had a foolproof way to identify recasts in customs, that would be great, wouldn’t it? But I am glad they are at least aware of the problem.

Anyway, here are some blank head shots of Lara. As with my other two girls I am delighted with the amount of detail, especially her mouth. It’s even more stunning in person than it looks in the promo pictures.


4 thoughts on “Raccoondoll Lara Boxopening and blank head”

  1. Lara is a lovely sculpt even unpainted. I can't wait to see what you do with her.

    If there was an absolutely foolproof way to identify recasts, could Customs deny them entry into the country? Apart from a few innocent people who get fooled by an unscrupulous seller, most people who buy recasts do so by choice, don't they? I was floored recently to hear one collector vehemently defend her right to buy recasts. Then, in almost the same breath, she admitted that the latest brouhaha with Mr. Luo registering other makers' trademarks as his own in China had her rethinking the recast issue. It's too bad that some people have to be hit over the head very hard before they begin to see reason.

  2. Thank you :). She'll have to wait, though. At least over here pirated goods are kept and destroyed in customs. I've heard of people who ordered doll shoes with the Nike wave and weren't permitted to take them home- maybe you even have to pay a fine. So yes, it would help a lot if there was a foolproof way. It would result in paypal claims I guess. Which might change the way ebay and paypal deal with the issue of pirated dolls and their dealers, when people report them.

  3. She is really gorgeous, congrats!! I love that strong jaw and thick lips, and cannot wait to see how you customize her, honestly!

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