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Raccoon Kid Jenny arrived

Do you remember my post about the Raccoon kids? My little girl arrived today. This was really fast, she just took about a month.

She came in a practical cardboard tube, neatly covered in bubble wrap.


She came with the green shirt and matching socks, both very nice quality. The eyes she came with are pretty green ones, but she will get smaller eyes. She is wearing a 5-6 Jusuns wig I bought for her. It fits nicely, but maybe I will cut it. Jusuns wigs are great quality, very fine and soft, and just the right amount of hair in the smaller sizes.



The first thing I am going to do is to check if all the shoes I bought for her fit. The white Mary Janes in the second picture do, they are a bit tight but go on. They come in various colors.

Her feet are really very large for a BJD that size. And her limbs look quite sturdy, not as fragile and delicate as the Iple Kid limbs. But even though she looks sturdier, she is slimmer. Iple Kid pants are a bit wide on her waist.

She fits into a couple of shoes I bought for Paola Reina, and she stands like a rock on those big feet. Unfortunately her feet don’t fit into the 1/6 canvas sneakers that fit the old mature woman feet. But the feet fit into the joint, just in case you have women dolls who always have their high feet on and you consider switching feet. The smaller foot is the foot of the original slim body, it’s older, hence the color difference. With those feet she could wear a lot of 1/6 shoes that fit the old Raccoon woman foot.



But that will be my next post, I will try Iplehouse kid clothes on her as well.

2 thoughts on “Raccoon Kid Jenny arrived”

  1. Congratulations on her arrival Mia, I can hardly wait to see her painted, I’m sure you will do her proud.
    Big hugs,

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