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Bianca and Doria arrived!

Happy day 🙂

I received a parcel today, directly to my door step. And it had the famous green sticker on it, which means it passed customs without any fees. Thanks to the COVID restrictions, I guess, the custom fee is usually something about 23% of the purchase price.

You can imagine how happy I was to get them without any additional payments.

And I am relieved that Bianca does not look pink. She is my first doll in peach gold and I read some comments from people receiving their dolls and complaining about the pinkish skin tone. No complaints from me :).

Without further ado, here they are. In case you are wondering about the gap between neck and head on the side view pictures, I just turned the head. When the nose and the boobs point in the same direction the gap is there but looks a lot smaller.



2 thoughts on “Bianca and Doria arrived!”

  1. Congrats on their safe arrival and the fact that you didn’t get any customs charges! That is a definite bonus. Will you do the faceups yourself or will someone else be doing them for you? I had a peach gold KID and I thought the colour was really nice too, I never saw her as being particularly pink either.

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