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Raccoon 2021 New slim body

Body comparison Raccoon woman original slim body and New Slim body

My Ivy arrived! It surprises me every time how much sculpted detail the Raccoon faces have. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the promo pictures. She is every bit as lovely as I expected her to be. And I ordered her on the new slim body. Raccoon released another update of the original slim body a while ago, but this one is simply called New Slim on the website. As far as I remember it was released in 2021.

First things first, blank mugshots of my Ivy. Look how far she can bend her head back!



I’ll add the measurements for the New Slim as published on the Raccoon site to the doll measurements.

And now to the new body

I like the old body, but there are a couple of things that sometimes bug me. The huge head-hook for example. The advantage is that you could almost pull it up with your fingers, but it seems just a bit oversized. And although the robust lower legs are certainly unique, they don’t look that elegant with certain skirt lengths.

I always thought FID legs found elegant poses more easily, and even though the double jointed Raccoon knees make kneeling possible, simple classic counterpoise poses (contrapposto) are difficult. The dolls with the old slim body seem to have a slight backwards bend in the hips when standing unaided, and the legs pose a bit unwilling. All these points and more have been addressed and improved.


Basic poses like contrapposto


The changes are not so very obvious at first glance, but there are a lot of slight changes that make posing easier and the appearance more elegant, at least in my opinion.

The most obvious changes are the larger hands and feet. The hands have FID hand size, and if you don’t mind that the hand rings don’t fit into the smaller slits, you can probably mix and match with FID hands if you want more variety in hands. The comparison picture shows Rosie’s arms with FID woman hands next to the New Slim hands. The Raccoon hands are slightly wider, and the thumb points in a different direction, but they are pretty compatible otherwise.

As you can see in the very first picture above, the hand-gesture is taking up a lot of room. I tried some of my other Raccoon’s jackets, and the sleeves won’t go over the hands. That might pose a problem if you have a lot of expensive clothes with tight sleeves. Ivy will get her own clothes anyway, so it’s not a big deal to alter my patterns accordingly, but that’s just me.



The new feet have more sculpted detail as well, they are longer and the instep is slightly curved.  Some very small shoes like some YOSD Mary Janes or Mel Chan shoes do not fit the new feet. But now they can wear FID and JID shoes, and of course my favorite Matt Tonner boots still fit, just like other slim mini shoes. The FID high heel shoes are not an exact fit, but they don’t fall off the feet any longer.

Since foot swapping is possible without problems, you can put the new feet on the old body and vice versa. I hope the new ankle joints won’t become floppy after a while, but for now the new body stands like a rock – and I am sure the sculptor knows what he’s doing.

I added a picture of the heel feet in JID/FID heels and some American Model shoes from Facets. You can see the gap with the old feet.



The changes to the upper body are almost invisible, but they are there. The elbow joints create a more natural arm position, the nipples are sanded (no more pointy boobs) and the transition from torso to thigh looks smoother. I wasn’t a fan of the bulging thigh joints in tight clothes, so that’s great. And speaking of boobs: The small bust is now almost as large as the previous large bust (20.3 cm). I don’t know how large the “large” bust is, the measurements on the Raccoon page are not up to date yet. I asked, and I will update them here when I know.

The engineering of the arms is a bit different as well. Not very obvious, unless you pose the arms. Outstretched the old arms pointed straight forward. The new arms point forwards with a bit of an angle. This angle makes it possible to do a couple of nice things the old arms couldn’t. Like touching the face without problems – if you bend the elbows the hands go to the face and not away from it. There’s a whole range of things she can do with her new hands and arms. Face palm being one of them ;-D. I am sure I’ll have fun with those new possibilities.


Isn’t this great? Face palm 🙂



Another huge improvement are the legs. Not only the shape in general but some small engineering changes that make all the difference. The legs seem straighter. And the hip joint makes poses possible that have been difficult before- or at least holding the poses was difficult. I have not tried to pose the new body in every possible way, and my other girls on the old slim body are all sueded, so I am just showing the most obvious differences. I am sure I will notice more of them when I really start to work with her and pose her dressed.

Excuse the dolly nudity. The last two pictures show the improved hip joint engineering better than an actual sitting-up-pose, that’s why you get to see unblurred doll parts. The changed socket and how the position and movement of the joint affects the angle of the legs in comparison is pretty obvious. The legs of the new body want to close naturally, while the old legs tended to drift apart. Draw a line from the knee to the ankle and you can see that the new foot is now where the center of mass would be when the doll is standing. The line has moved from slightly outwards to straight down. Balancing the doll in a classic contrapposto is now possible without problems. Well done!



It’s a beautiful body, and it’s still distinguishable as a Raccoon body. I will definitively want possible future dolls with this one.

If you want to know anything more about the new body I can help you with, ask away in the comments.



8 thoughts on “Raccoon 2021 New slim body”

  1. Vanessa Flanigan

    I’m so happy to see this comparison! I honestly have thought of selling my raccoon girl since there are just so many tiny annoying things about her body…and it seems they’ve all been addressed with the new body! Obtaining new slim body will have to be added to my dolly list now!!

    1. Happy to have helped :). I always try to think of such things as endearing rather than annoying, but I know exactly what you mean. As far as I can tell now, it’s really a hugely improved body, so go for it and keep your girl 😉

  2. Thanks so much for doing this review!!! I originally wasn’t that interested in this body since I didn’t think it looked that different to the old one, but after seeing your post, I’ve changed my tune – I really wish I had one!!! Pity I can’t just swap an old body over, sigh… I especially like that the feet are larger – it’s been driving me nuts, being unable to find shoes – and the change in the legs, especially that they sit straighter and don’t have that bulge at the thigh. Well, if I end up getting a new Raccoondoll someday – and I have rather a lot already, so I probably shouldn’t – I think this is the body I’d get. Hmm, wondering also if Minifee shoes would fit the new feet… I don’t suppose you have any to try?

    1. Thank you! That’s why I wrote this review. I ordered the new body out of curiosity and didn’t expect it to be that much improved, since you can’t really see the differences. The posing pictures on the Raccoon site show poses that would be difficult to achieve with the old body, but promo pictures don’t really translate into experience. I don’t have shoes specifically designed for minifee (I assume you are talking about Minifee A?). My Raccoons mostly wear regular Slim Mini shoes and Helen Kish or Matt Tonner boots. Doesn’t Raccoon sell bodies separately? I will ask on the Q&A.

      1. Yes, you really can’t tell on the website how they are different, so thank you for that!!! Good to know Minifee shoes should fit. And it looks like Raccoondoll are selling the new feet seperately, so at least I can upgrade my existing bodies with that some time!

  3. Great photo comparisons Mia, and wonderful review as always.

    However, I have a question about Raccoon Dolls. I am looking at purchasing a body from them, but as I have never dealt with them before, I’d like your imput…did you have any problems ordering direct from their website?
    Big hugs,

    1. Thanks. Raccoon will sell the bodies separately during their anniversary event in September, so better wait for that. I never experienced any problems at all, go for it 🙂

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