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Raccoon Nina arrived

My Raccoon Nina arrived yesterday. I only ordered her on August 3rd, together with Cindy. This was really fast. And I received some clothes as well as a gift, a black swim suit and some kind of hip-wrap (at least it’s worn around the hips on the pictures, I had to go look to understand what it is.) And when I checked when I ordered her, I saw that my Cindy shipped today as well. Yay!


I just took some quick pictures. I chose the naturally posing slim body for Nina, and Cindy will come on the new version of the glamorous body. I will go into more detail later, but it seems the new body is holding poses much better than the previous body versions. I am not sure I really like the look of the elbow joints, and the shins look a bit edgy, but the hands are beautiful. She also has some tiny bumps or dents, as if someone went a bit overboard with the sanding, but the dolls are handmade and I don’t mind if that’s visible. Maybe it’s  intentional and meant as a hint of muscle.  Sorry for the black lint on her face, I didn’t clean her before I took the pictures. They are tiny particles from the foam.

First the usual mugshots:


Nina front and side view


The black swim suit (I forgot to take pictures of the hip thingy)



A body review with some doll yoga will follow :). But I think I’ll wait until I get the glamorous body as well.