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Maskcat Klara arrived

After a very long journey this little girl arrived. I have been thinking about getting a Maskcat basically from the very first doll she released, but somehow I never went ahead and actually ordered one. I’ve been following Maskcat’s blog for quite a while. I don’t understand a single word of Chinese, but I like to watch the work in progress pictures.

And since space is such a huge problem, the dolls need to get smaller and smaller. The tiny Maskcats are just so delicate and beautiful that I couldn’t resist. This little Maskcat is Klara from the 26cm line, and I ordered her in July.

It was a difficult decision, I like all of them. But while the other sculpts come across a bit melancholic, Klara seems to have an independent streak. Almost a tiny hint of stubbornness, that’s why I chose her.

She came in a wooden box that didn’t survive shipping unharmed, but I can glue that back together. What a nice way to pack a doll – and it certainly smells good.


Box Maskcat


But Klara was completely safe and unharmed, together with a random wig and glass eyes. The wig is a bit large for her (it’s a 7-8 junsuns), but the quality is very nice and soft. It doesn’t really fit her, so it will go in the wig box. Her head is oval and the back of her head a bit flat. Like with Blythes the big head on the small body would probably be hard to balance if it wasn’t shaped like that. But it makes her definitively hard to wig.

Her body is beautifully made, and after a thorough sueding her head stays up and her knees don’t snap anymore. She can wear Blythe clothes and shoes.



Now I just need to find a name for her and paint her, of course. I actually quite like Klara, but it sounds too much like Karla, so I have to come up with something else.


15 thoughts on “Maskcat Klara arrived”

  1. i can’t wait to see klara’s face up.. i love maskcat 26cm dolls..i have 2..delicate but easy enough to sew for. enjoy

  2. She’s home! 🙂 She’s a cutie, I look forward to seeing how you will customise her. The wood packaging is a nice touch too, very original!

  3. She’s lovely! I’m interested in this line: ‘after a thorough sueding her head stays up and her knees don’t snap anymore.’ What does it mean? I have a Blythe on the bendy body, and her knees often fold under her. Is there some way to make them stop?

    1. Thank you! Hot glue sueding is used to make ball joints of strung dolls stay in place when you pose them. It basically adds friction resistance between joint and socket by adding a thin layer of glue to the socket. If you search for hot glue sueding and BJD on youtube you’ll find tutorials on how to do that. Do you mean the Pure Neemo body? I don’t think it would work for this kind of joint, but I never tried.

      1. Thanks heaps, I’ve learnt something today! Yes, I mean Pure Neemo, so, no wouldn’t work, but I’m glad I now know something I didn’t yesterday. 🙂

        1. Any time :). If you pull the lower leg off the upper leg, there’s a tiny knob and the area where the joint connects. Maybe you can achieve the same by roughening up the plastic where the two parts connect?

      2. What a lovely girl! She’s so beutiful. I can’t wait to see her new face. 🙂
        What do you think about Emily?

      3. Oh my she is lovely!! I love her face, and the body looks very nice! How is the poseability? Also, her head does look smaller than Blythes, though.

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