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Tag: BJDshoes

Bootblack for a day

Doll shoe care basics… While I was doing my sorting and cleaning I noticed that some of my older doll shoes start to feel brittle. Some soles came off, and

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Babes and boots

The post title sounds like something out of a biker magazine, but my babes are fully dressed. I sometimes amuse myself with viewing the blog statistics, and there are some

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Heel feet for FID guys

This was a request, and I am happy to provide an aswer to the question what options there are if you want to put heels on a FID muscle body.

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Shoe haul and random girls

Working on TrickyBJDFeet was reason enough to buy a couple of shoes. The small heels are for my future FID Raffine and Rachel, the larger ones for the SID and

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TrickyBJDFeet – a new project

If you have been wondering why I posted so many shoe reference pictures, this was the reason: I would like to introduce a new project: TrickyBJDFeet, a shoe finding help

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Flat shoes for Iplehouse dolls

Iple ladies have difficult feet. Hardly any shoes for SD girls fit them properly, and even the JID girl’s feet are not easily shod. Except for Iplehouse shoes, of course.

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